McDonald’s Now offering a Sweet Treat You’ve Never Seen Before

McDonald’s is introducing a new dessert called the Cookies & Crème Pie in the United States. This unique treat features a chocolate cookie crumb crust filled with vanilla crème and pieces of chocolate sandwich cookies. While McDonald’s restaurants in Malaysia have offered a similar dessert in the past, this is the first time it will be available in America.

The news of the Cookies & Crème Pie’s arrival was initially leaked by the food-focused Instagram account Snackolator, which has a track record of revealing fast-food items before official announcements. McDonald’s later confirmed the launch, stating that the pies would be available for a limited time starting July 14 in select markets. However, some customers in certain areas of the country have already gained access to this new dessert.

Videos and reviews of the Cookies & Crème Pie have started circulating on social media platforms like TikTok. One TikToker from California found the pie at a McDonald’s restaurant and gave it a perfect rating of “10/10.”

According to Snackolator, the pie will also be available in other locations such as Oklahoma, New Jersey, Ohio, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and New York City. McDonald’s has not provided more details regarding where customers can find the pies at this time.

The Cookies & Crème Pie joins a limited list of desserts that McDonald’s has introduced to its American menu in 2023. They launched the Strawberry Shortcake McFlurry in April, featuring creamy vanilla soft serve, strawberry-flavored clusters, and crispy shortbread cookies. McDonald’s also gained viral success with the berry-flavored purple Grimace Shake as part of the Grimace Birthday Meal. However, some TikTokers turned it into a morbid trend by pretending to die after consuming the shake.

There are rumors circulating that McDonald’s might release a new Peanut Butter Crunch McFlurry later this month, although the company has not officially confirmed this news yet.

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