Customers at Costco Are Raving About a “Delicious” Iced Beverage.

Costco Customers are raving about a delicious iced beverage that is available at the store. While a hot cup of coffee is usually the go-to morning drink, there are some days when a stronger caffeine kick is needed. In such situations, customers are turning to a popular coffee drink at Costco that surpasses the average cup of joe.

Currently, Costco is offering cases of Lee’s Cafe Latte Frozen Concentrate, which customers are describing as not only delicious but also significantly more potent than regular coffee. A Reddit post from a Costco member praised the product as the “bomb dot com,” and it quickly became evident that many others share the same enthusiasm for Lee’s coffee.

One customer even claimed that Lee’s iced coffees are superior to homemade versions, stating, “You can make similar drinks at home, but Lee’s version is the most flavorful I’ve ever had. They add a magical touch that typical homemade Vietnamese coffee lacks, with its latte/caramel flavor.”

However, customers should exercise caution and avoid consuming excessive amounts in one sitting. Although Lee’s does not disclose the caffeine content on the nutrition label or its website, it recommends diluting the beverage by pouring it over ice or mixing it with milk.

A shopper shared a cautionary tale, saying, “My son didn’t dilute it, thinking it was like a Starbucks drink, and he was buzzing for an entire day.”

Customers have found that diluting the drink not only reduces its intensity but also enhances the overall drinking experience. One customer commented, “I prefer not to consume the calories from milk, so I pour it into a tall glass with ice and savor it throughout the day. It gets better as the ice melts.”

So, if you’re looking for a powerful and delicious iced coffee, consider giving Lee’s Cafe Latte Frozen Concentrate a try during your next Costco shopping trip.

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