About Us

Welcome to Tagine NYC!

At Tagine, we take pride in being a cornerstone of the New York community, serving delectable Mediterranean cuisine and sharing our passion for exceptional flavors with our valued customers. With our fabulous recipes, excellent food information, and timely updates, we strive to create a memorable dining experience for all who visit us.

Tagine NYC has a rich history that spans over a decade. It all started with our founder, who envisioned a place where people could gather and savor the exquisite tastes of the Mediterranean. Combining traditional flavors with modern culinary techniques, we have created a menu catering to our beloved patrons’ diverse palates.

At Tagine NYC, we believe that food is a necessity and a work of art. Our dedicated team of chefs meticulously crafts each dish using the finest and freshest ingredients sourced from local suppliers. From succulent grilled meats to vibrant vegetarian options, our menu offers a delightful array of Mediterranean flavors that will transport you to the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

We understand that our customers are not only looking for a fantastic dining experience but also seeking to expand their knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine. That’s why we strive to provide excellent food information and updates on our website and through various communication channels. Whether you’re curious about the origins of a particular dish, interested in learning about traditional cooking techniques or seeking tips for recreating our recipes at home, we’re here to satisfy your culinary curiosity.

But we don’t simply want to provide recipes; we also want to assist you in making smart eating decisions. As a result, we provide thorough information on each product’s nutritional advantages and storage and preparation advice.

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Thank you for being so interested in Tagine NYC. We look forward to serving you with an unforgettable dining experience.